Car key programming is needed in order for your specific vehicle to recognise a new key as being the correct key for that vehicle. Once programmed, the transponder chip will deactivate the car’s immobiliser system to allow the engine to start. The remote will unlock and lock the car from a distance and set the alarm on the car if there is one. Car key programming is done diagnostically by talking to the ECU (computer) on your car and teaching it to recognise the new key. Not all car keys need to be programmed, some can be cloned.


1. Cloning your existing transponder key

Modern car keys have a transponder chip inside them to deactivate the immobiliser system so that the engine will start. Some transponders can be cloned without the need to talk to your car’s computer. Your car will not know the difference between your original transponder chip and the new one, they hold exactly the same information. Not all transponders can be cloned, some need to be programmed. Cloning is generally less expensive than programming. We will advise you whether your make, model and year of vehicle can have a cloned transponder or whether we need to program a chip into the ECU (computer) on your car.

2. Programming a key to your vehicle

Programming a transponder key is a little more complex and needs the correct diagnostic programming equipment and software for your specific vehicle. Some vehicles also have a password or pincode to allow access to the car’s computer. We can read or provide the pincode and program in a new virgin transponder to the ECU (computer) on the car. We can also accurately cut the metal key blade of course and program the remote part of the key to your car if it has one. We stock the largest variety of blank transponder chips, key blanks and car key remotes in the area and have the equipment and knowledge to program chips to 90% of vehicles.


We can clone or program 90% of transponder chipped keys from a copy of the key with the vehicle concerned

• The transponder chip inside your new key is either cloned or programmed into the vehicle using high grade equipment

• The metal key blade is then decoded and cut from a pattern key that you bring into us on a CNC machine for unrivalled accuracy

• It can also be cut from a valid key number using database software

• Alternatively it can be made from a vehicle lock that you bring into us

• We can also program a new remote into your car so that you can lock and unlock your car electronically and set the alarm if your car has one


There are five main components that make up modern car keys with an integral remote:


1. A key blade to allow you to turn a physical key in your car’s locks.

2. A plastic case to hold all the parts together and protect them.

3. A transponder chip to de-activate the vehicle’s immobiliser system.

4. A circuit board to allow you to unlock and lock your car from a distance.

5. A battery to power the remote unlocking and locking features.


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