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Our Privacy Policy



We take your privacy seriously and are pleased to publish how we deal with any personal information you may give us about you or your vehicle during the course of doing business with us. The law requires that we explain how we deal with the information you give us in a clear manner, what is recorded, who it is shared with and how we keep it safe.

We may need to collect some information about you and your vehicle when you place an order so that we will be able to complete the job. We do not disclose or sell your information to any third party, it is only used by our staff so that we can carry out your request.

When you ask for a quote

1. Verbally, on the telephone or at our workshop

We need to ask brief details about your vehicle so that we can establish what parts we need, the type of key or repair you would like and the length of time the job is likely to take. At this stage we do not need your name, address, or telephone number and these details are not recorded by us either electronically or manually.

2. By our Contact Us form on our website

When you use our Contact Us form on our website, we do require your name, telephone number, e-mail address, vehicle make and model and vehicle registration. This is to allow us to identify the parts and labour time needed to do the job, so that we can quote. We take your name and telephone number so that we can contact you to discuss any anomalies that may occur.

Our website is cloud based and fully SSL compliant for your security. This means the details you enter are encrypted when sent to our mail server, who is also SSL compliant (Google Business Mail). We keep your e-mail for 7 days on our SSL server so we can refer to it should you wish to follow up. After this your e-mail is deleted.

We never disclose or sell your details to any third party, the information you send us is used purely to enable us to quote or answer any questions you may have sent us. We do not send you any unsolicited e-mails in the future (spam).

When you book a job

If you decide to book a job we do then need to take some information about you and your vehicle in order to progress your order.

1. Jobs at our workshop

We need to record your name, telephone number, vehicle registration and the type of key or repair you would like. We do not need to take your address, unless you specifically ask us to record it on your receipt for tax purposes. These details are recorded in our manual daybook. An appointment date and time is also entered into our diary. When not in use (i.e. when we are closed) our daybook and diary are kept in a securely locked enclosure which is itself further protected by alarm and CCTV systems. We only need your information to progress your order and do not disclose or sell it to any third party.

2. Jobs at your home, workplace or at the roadside

In addition to the information we need above, if we are travelling to your vehicle we will also need the address of the vehicle location. This is recorded in our daybook and diary. Once again, when not in use (i.e. when we are closed) our daybook and diary are kept in a securely locked enclosure which is itself further protected by alarm and CCTV systems. We only need your information to progress your order and do not disclose or sell it to any third party.

3. Opening a locked vehicle or providing a key to your car when all keys are lost

In these situations it is our responsibility to take all reasonable steps to ensure we are only carrying out this type of work for the legal owner of the vehicle concerned. This will involve viewing some further information about you, such as your Driving Licence, the vehicle V5 registration certificate or an insurance certificate, as examples. Sometimes these documents need to be copied electronically, such as when you do not have the immobiliser code for your vehicle and we need to order it from the vehicle manufacturer or agent in order to carry out the job. Records of documents are only kept by us for as long as it takes to complete the work and then they are deleted. As our customer, you may request a copy of any immobiliser code or key code we obtain on your behalf at the time we receive it, which we are very happy to pass on to you.

Warranty Forms & Receipts

We are required to keep sales receipts that may include personal details about you, such as your name or vehicle registration for example, for a period of 7 years from date of issue. This is so that we comply with Inland Revenue & Customs regulations. When you buy new vehicle keys or vehicle locks from us they are covered by a one year warranty, which we also keep a copy of in case you wish to make a claim. These forms are kept in a securely locked enclosure which is itself further protected by alarm and CCTV systems. We only need these forms to satisfy our legal duty and do not disclose or sell information on them to any third party.

Cookies, analytics and your use of our website in relation to your privacy

Our website is partly an information resource and partly an online shop. It has been designed to enable you to see what goods and services we offer quickly and easily and to allow customers to purchase goods online for delivery direct to their door. You are not asked to log in to the public area of our website and your use of it does not enable us to trace or contact you without your consent. If you join our TradeSmart scheme we record some personal information about you and your company to validate your trade credentials. Trade customers are automatically opted in to an e-mail based newsletter so they receive details of new items, trade prices etc, but they can opt out at any time.


Credit and debit card transactions are carried out by PayPal when you use their checkout at the time you purchase goods from our online shop. This is a very secure method of paying as it means your credit or debit card details are not known, recorded or stored by us in any way. PayPal will send us some details about you such as your name and the delivery address you would like your items sent to, so that we can fulfill your order. We keep these details for one year so that we can prove proof of purchase should you wish to make a claim. We do not send you marketing e-mails unless you have chosen to subscribe to our newsletter. We do have some correspondence with you - to let you know your order has been dispatched, for example. Your personal details are encrypted and both our online shop provider (Wix) and checkout provider (PayPal) are fully SSL compliant for your security. Your details are only used by us to allow us to execute your order, we do not sell them to any third party.

In order for some technologies to work properly on our website, a small data file (“cookie”) must be downloaded and stored on your device. By default, our website provider ( may use several persistent cookies for the purposes of session security, connection stability, monitoring performance of our website and generally providing and improving our website. If you want to delete or block any cookies, please refer to the help and support area on your internet browser for instructions on how to locate the file or directory that stores cookies. Information on deleting or controlling cookies is also available at (please note that this website is not provided by us and we therefore cannot ensure its accuracy, completeness or availability). Please bear in mind that deleting cookies or disabling future cookies or tracking technologies may adversely affect your user experience of our website.

As mentioned above, use of our Contact Us form will generate some information about you, this is only used to progress your enquiry and is not disclosed or sold to any third parties. We do use Google Analytics software in order to inform us of the general effectiveness of our website but your personal details are not known, stored or recorded by us when you browse our site.

External links on our website

There are some external links on our website designed to enable you to gather more information about the goods and services we offer should you choose to do so. We are not responsible for privacy policies on external sites or the way in which they may track or gather private information about you.

Access to personal information we may hold

You are entitled to view, amend, or delete any personal information that we may hold about you or your car. To arrange this please write to us at the address below or telephone us with a general enquiry.

What to do if you have any questions about our GDPR statement or the way we deal with your privacy

Please contact:

Philip Morland


Bournemouth Car Key Company

963 Christchurch Road




Tel: 01202 465 055

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