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Stop Keyless Vehicle Theft!

About a million vehicles are stolen each year in the UK, that is around a vehicle every minute. Some thieves can now open, enter and steal your car without needing to break their way in or have a key, by using a "signal amplifier" to gain unauthorized access and drive your vehicle away. We have a range of solutions to thwart this kind of crime and protect your vehicle from unlawful entry and theft.

West Midlands Police have released CCTV footage showing how easy it is for criminals to steal keyless entry vehicles within a minute. You can watch the video here:

Our range of products below are effective at stopping or detecting this type of crime and are a must for owners of vehicles with keyless entry, proximity and push to start key fobs!

All prices include UK VAT. Delivery charges are automatically added at checkout according to parcel weight or you can choose to click and collect from our store in Bournemouth without any delivery charge.

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