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We all do it from time to time, we get back from a shopping trip or a day at the beach to find we have lost our car keys! Don't worry. As skilled automotive locksmiths we can come to your vehicle, make a new key and program it into your car so that you are back on the road again. We cover 85% of vehicle models and are much quicker and less expensive than having your car recovered to the vehicle dealer.


First, we pick & decode a door lock 

This enables us to work out the correct dimensions of the metal blade part of your key so that it turns in the locks on your vehicle. We have several very large databases of key types and bitting information we can use as confirmation of the readings we establish and carry the largest stocks of both genuine and aftermarket vehicle keys in the area.

Next, we cut the metal key blade on a CNC machine

We input the correct cutting information into a bespoke CNC key cutting machine that is in our mobile workshop and cut the key blade. We can cut both side-cut and track keys (commonly known as Laser keys).

Our machines are very sophisticated and will cut the key blade to original manufacturer's dimensions, with no wear.

Finally, we program the immobiliser chip and remote into your car

The last steps are to program the immobiliser chip inside your new key into the ECU (electronic control unit) on your vehicle so that the engine will start. Then we do the same with the remote part of the key if there is one so that you can lock and unlock the car from a distance and switch the alarm on and off if you have one.

Some vehicles have a PIN code or immobiliser code to allow us access to the ECU. We will advise if we need to order the code when you make your initial enquiry.

So, if you have lost all your car keys and are unable to open or drive your car, please do give us a call and we quote for the job and get things underway if you decide to go ahead. We cover 85% of vehicles. 


We cover vehicles located within any BH postcode area.


Please note that proof of vehicle ownership is required before we can open a locked vehicle or provide a new key when all existing keys have been lost.

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