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Like most things, after time it is possible that a car key can break or become worn due to wear and tear or suffer an accident. Quite often we can repair your existing key rather than program a new one, saving you money. We also offer a car key health check service. So if your car key has stopped working, is playing up a little or has physically broken, bring it to us so we check things through and carry out an appropriate repair if possible. Please bring the car if you can for synchronization purposes.


1. Replacing a damaged case

The most common type of car key repair is replacing a case that has split or has holes that have developed above the switches. We also transfer the chip & circuit board and cut the new blade.

2. Soldering new microswitches

If the microswitches themselves are damaged or have come off completely don’t worry, we can expertly desolder the broken ones, properly clean and then solder on new switches.

3. Cutting a new key blade from a broken blade

If you have snapped the key blade on your key, bring both halves to us and we will decode the cuts and make a new blade on one of our CNC machines.​

4. Replacing a dead battery

Dead or dying batteries can be expertly replaced by us, we recommend you do not try this yourself as damage to your key can be done unless you follow certain proper procedures.


We can repair car keys if they have a broken case, a snapped key blade, worn or broken microswitches or a dead or dying battery

• We replace broken cases, properly install your circuit board and transponder chip into them and cut the new blade if needed

• We decode snapped key blades from the two halves and cut a new blade on a CNC machine to its original dimensions

• We replace broken microswitches using a hot-air station and the correct soldering techniques

• We replace dead or dying batteries and re-sync the key into your vehicle if it is needed


Our strong advice is not to try and repair a broken car key yourself. We have had a large number of customers that have attempted this and have completely ruined their key, resulting in a new key for the car having to be cut and programmed which is much more expensive. Examples are liquids on the delicate circuit board, superglue all over the key, components broken off and, worst of all, damaged or lost transponder chips. If that happens your vehicle will not start! Please, if we can give you one friendly word of advice, do not try this at home, bring it to us and have it done professionally.


There are five main components that make up modern car keys with an integral remote:


1. A key blade to allow you to turn a physical key in your car’s locks.

2. A plastic case to hold all the parts together and protect them.

3. A transponder chip to de-activate the vehicle’s immobiliser system.

4. A circuit board to allow you to unlock and lock your car from a distance.

5. A battery to power the remote unlocking and locking features.

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