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Do you remember back in the good old days before car keys became electronic and immobiliser systems had yet to be invented? We do, with affection, and we still support the humble metal car key today. We have scoured the world for appropriate key blanks and can make most classic car keys used from 1940 to 1990. Please do drop in and see us with all non-transponder key requirements.


1. Non-transponder metal car keys

Prior to 1992 most vehicles on the road in the UK used keys that were not fitted with an immobiliser chip. These were often plain metal keys. We stock a wide range of key blanks for classic cars going back to the 1940s and can cut them from a sample key you bring into us, a valid key number or the appropriate vehicle lock.

2. Non-transponder plastic-top car keys

Plastic-top non transponder keys have exactly the same function as the plain metal keys above. Some customers prefer them as they may look more like the original key and, because the key head tends to be a little larger, they are easier to turn. We cut these keys from a sample key, a valid key number or an appropriate lock.


We can make classic car keys from a copy of the key, a valid key number or a vehicle lock

• Copied from a pattern key that you bring into us

• Cut from a valid key number using a CNC machine and technical database software

• Expertly fashioned from a vehicle lock that you bring into us when all keys are lost and the key number is not known

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